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What is CosAlive?

CosAlive is dedicated to finding and renting venues for cosplayers and photographers.

How does it work?

All cosplayers and photographers pay a fee (different for each event) that goes towards renting out the venue (as a private event) and buying insurance (and occasionally other amenities, when needed like port-a-potties or food).

How much time will we have?

Each venue sets the limit. Some venues will only allow 2 hours of rental, others allow more.

Why is (blank) event so expensive?

Some venues are more expensive to rent privately. There is also insurance to think about, which is never included in the cost of renting. Some venues also charge for the staff they need to work the hours of our event.

Why can’t more people attend to lower the cost for everyone?

Venues set the limit to how many people can attend. We try pushing for the max amount allowed, but in the end it is up to them.

How do I sign up for (blank) event?

CosAlive will set up a FB event page so people can join and watch as details are finalized. Once all details are hashed out with the venue, the FB event page will be updated with how many people can attend and how much it will cost for each cosplayer and photographer. There will be details on the FB event for how to reserve your spot.

What happens if I end up not being able to go?

Money in non refundable as it is needed to rent out the space. If you cannot attend then there will most likely be a waiting list so the next person in line can buy the spot you are selling.

Where have you already rented?

Mercer Museum (twice), Chinese Scholar Garden, Fonthill Castle, Selma Mansion, and Shofuso Japanese House and Garden.

Can I see pictures from previous events?

We request that photographers add their polished cosplay photos to the CosAlive Flickr pool.